Best Hair Extensions in Parker & Lone tree CO


we are The Hair extension specialists.

We are Extension Specialists who are certified in many of the top name brand Hair Extension Companies in the world. Because of this, we know how to match your hair goals with the right brand of Hair Extensions. We offer free consultations to discuss your hair vision and will properly match you with the correct brand of Hair Extensions to meet your goals. During the consultation, we discuss the entire process, provide you with how to care for the hair extensions to maximize the duration, and give you up front pricing. We then apply the Hair 

Extensions to match your current hair or blend your haircut and color so our hair extensions are undetectable.

We use both hand-tied and tape-in hair extensions because they are our most popular service for so many reasons…

  • Using real hair to amplify what you have naturally, Hair talk Extension look amazing and last a long time, normally between 5-8 months
  • These extensions are easy to maintain and are re-usable. You care for your extensions just like your natural hair!
  • With Hair Extensions, you’ll get the long, thick hair you’ve always wanted
  • You can wear them anywhere and don’t have to avoid the activities that you love

Experience the difference.